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Everyone looks to the local dealer for support. Whether you’re a new brand, an established brand, local organization, weekend warrior, beginner racer, experienced racer or education organization. The local dealer gets consistent requests for their support. For the lot tech kid that has moved 50 units that day, or the backroom finance person doing paperwork until 10pm for the 4th straight night. For the parts guy that has to do endless searching for a part on an old 78 honda. Or for the mechanic that will stay late to help a racer be ready to line up the next morning. Regardless of your discipline, everyone has asked for support from the local dealer!! This event was created to give back to who we feel is the backbone of our industry and the unsung Heros. The Dealer employees!! 



This year, the Dealer cup is scheduled for October 15th - 16th. We will be holding it at the Thunder Valley MX this year. . The format is based off of Motocross of nations. 3 classes. Dealer cup, Mini Cup and Industry Cup. This year we will be adding a new Dealer Pro Class. The idea is to let each dealer showcase their top sponsored riders that represent their shop. 



The Dealer Cup will be the premier class as its specifically for the dealers. Each dealer has a 3 man team (like Motocross of nations). 2 riders must work at the dealership and the 3rd rider can be a guest or sponsored rider. Consisting of  3 moto format, Its meant to create a race where the racers come and support the dealer by representing them on the track. After the 3 motos, the lowest score wins. The top team wins the Dealer Cup!  A cup that will be engraved with their team name and will be able to proudly display in their showroom for 1 year! 


The Mini cup and Industry cup with consist of a 2 rider team. The mini cup can have mini riders from both dealers and industry. Where as the Industry Cup class will have industry colleagues teaming up to see who has the fast racers working together in the industry. 



With this being a team event, we also have a team theme! This year it will be **MUSIC**. Genre, bands, artists, songs. So if Eminiem, New Kids on the Block or even Britany show up. You better believe there will be prizes for the best team kit!!!

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